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Retirement Calculator 2.0

The Retirement Calculator determines the maximum amount of money you can safely withdraw from your retirement savings account while insuring that your money will last a lifetime.

The Retirement Calculator was exposed live in New York on CBS The Saturday Early Show for and recommended by Ray Martin the top financial analyst for CBS News.

Screenshot of Retirement Calculator 2.0

It's extremely easy to use & you don't have to have a technical background to use the Retirement Calculator.

Features include:

Includes 1973/1974 economic downturn
25 year projections
Inflation factor enhancements
Interactive retirement asset performance analysis
Colorful graphical interface
Big charts & graphs with new capabilities
Easily export data to Microsoft Excel
Real-time "what if" retirement analysis on the fly
Actual vs. Hypothetical vs. Inflation Proof retirement analytics
No additional programs are required to run Retirement Calculator 2.0
Runs on all Microsoft Windows Environments
Instant web customer support
Definitions page

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