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The Tax-Free Security Blanket For Your Child's College Fund

Will you ever forget the first time you held your child? As you looked into their eyes you promised to take excellent care of them. The nurse handed them to you in a soft security blanket. Your child was warm and safe. From that day forward you've worked hard to provide for their every need. You've made sure they've been clothed, fed and had a roof over their head.

As you plan for your retirement there's something else on your mind. Will my child have money for college? Most Financial Planners will tell you to forget about your child's college fund. They say you must put most of your money toward retirement.

Your child used to be able to apply for any student loan under the sun. But the recent financial crisis has brought most of these loans to a halt. More than ever our children need our help in making sure they have money to go to college.

Did you know there's an easy way to guarantee they have money for college? You can start saving money for their college fund for as little as $25 a month!

How the "Bail Out" Guarantee Works

A 529 College Plan works like this. First you choose from a member college list. These are colleges that participate in this incredible program. Once the plan is set up here's what happens. At no time do you pay.

  • Federal taxes
  • Tuition inflation
  • Start-up fees
  • Maintenance fees
  • Annual fees

And your child's college tuition is guaranteed when they're ready to attend a member college!

Let's say college tuition inflation moves at a rate of 8% a year. When you add in a 529 College Plan, you get a discount rate of 1%. That means the value of your plan grows by 9% each year. And it's all tax-free!

Here are some other amazing benefits.

Lock In Your Year

Each year you decide to participate in the plan is free of all federal taxes and other fees. But you don't have to buy a full year. You can choose a half year. Either way, you lock in that time period to build college money for your child.

Pay Tuition Now

Instead of waiting for someday you can start paying for tuition now. Some plans start as low as $25 a month. When it comes time to collect the college money, your child is guaranteed to have it.

Guaranteed Security

It doesn't matter if the markets fail or tuition costs rise. Your child will have a plenty of money for college when the time comes. A 529 College Plan is not dependent on any financial system. Wall Street may crumble, but your child will have guaranteed college money.

Guaranteed Rate

When you buy a 529 College Plan you're buying the certificate from a member college. That certificate offers a staggering guarantee. Let's say you buy a year of college for $20,000. And the certificate is good for 30 years. If you use the certificate 10 years later, tuition costs will still be $20,000! It doesn't matter if the rate at that time becomes $40,000 or more with an annual 6% increase. You can hold a certificate for 3 years, but it must be redeemed within 30 years. You end up saving at least $20,000 in tuition fees during your child's first year of college!

Choose Top Colleges

The list of member colleges who honor the 529 College Plan is unreal! Some of the schools include:

  1. Duke University
  2. Stanford University
  3. John Hopkins University
  4. Xavier University
  5. George Washington University

Imagine your child going to one of the top colleges for half the price!

Get Started Today

There are three easy ways to open an account. You can enroll online, download and print an enrollment form or request an application by mail. Some places that offer the 529 College Plan are:

Independent 529 Plan:
Bank of America:
New York Life:
Charles Schwab:

There are many more financial institutions that offer this plan. Keep in mind the 529 College Plan has no federal taxes, fees or inflation attached to it. By opening an account today you secure your child's college education for the future!

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming e-book, "How to Grow More Money for Your Retirement and Child's College Fund."

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