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Affiliate Program

Announcing our new affiliate program with over 50% commissions

This new affiliate program is 3 times the power of our last affiliate program and we have almost tripled our commissions and more than doubled our bonus program for you. We have upped the stakes and raised the bar so you can make big money!

Now is a great time to get started because we are offering you two ways to make money from purchases of the Retirement Calculator 3.0 and referrals to the Retirement Calculator affiliate program.

Please read our Affiliates agreement to find out more details about this amazing affiliate program. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is it?

Join Retirement Calculator, Inc. affiliate program and earn money - it's that simple and FREE to join! Recommend our Retirement Calculator software product and affiliate program to your visitors, friends, partners and we will pay you up to $20.00 commissions on all sales referred by you with an additional Bonus of $5.00 for everyone you refer to our affiliates program! All you have to do is sign up below, place our banners and/or text links on your web site, e-mails, etc... and if people referred by you purchase one of our products within a year from clicking we will pay you the same commissions and bonuses for signing up affiliates under you and for selling the Retirement Calculator!

How does it work?

After you sign up you can login to your account and generate HTML code for our ads with your affiliate link. When somebody clicks that link a tiny text document ("cookie") with your affiliate ID is stored in his or her browser. After a successful purchase a special script retreats the affiliate ID from the Cookie and automatically credits affiliate's account commissions and related bonuses.

Why do it?

Retirement Calculator, Inc. affiliate program has many advantages over similar ones:

  • Earn a commission plus a bonus
  • Best Product for the Senior Market
  • Cookie duration: one year
  • Viral Marketing. Two people tell two more people etc…
  • Very high "traffic to customer" conversion rates
  • More great programs in the future for even more sales
  • Coming soon - tips on how to improve your affiliate skills and performance

Who is this for?

Retirement Calculator, Inc. affiliate program can join anyone who owns a web site or a mailing list.

Rules? Short and simple but we play 100% by them and you must also:

  • no adult, illegal or hate web sites
  • NO SPAM! You may include our links as advertisements in your newsletter and mailing list as long as people have agreed to receive it!
  • we reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time for no reason at all (in this case your earnings will be paid to you)
  • anyone found spamming, cheating or in any other way inflicting damage to Retirement Calculator, Inc. will be removed from Retirement Calculator, Inc. affiliate program immediately without a cent being paid.

To join Retirement Calculator, Inc. affiliate program just fill in the form below. By submitting this form you confirm to have read and understood how our affiliate program works and agree to the rules as specified on this page and in our Affiliates Agreement.

We respect your right to privacy and hereby assure you we will not give, sell or tell your personal information and e-mail to a third party. Please read the Retirement Calculator, Inc. affiliate agreement before signing up.

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