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Often financial "experts" make asset allocation difficult to understand. My goal in this series of articles is for you to understand asset allocation thoroughly, in an easy to understand format.
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With our busy modern lifestyles we're always focused on the next immediate problem and maybe gaining enough breathing space to plan ahead for the future. So absorbed do we become in the daily routine of working, raising a family and making a home that when it comes to that time to look at being able to stop we have no idea whether we can or how much we'll get if we do.

Using our Free annuity calculator you can look at how much your pension funds will earn you in retirement at the click of a button.

The decisions we make affect our families today and in the future, so if you are planning ahead there's is no time like now and with retirement planning the sooner the better. Using our free annuity calculator, you will be able to see how large a pension fund you will need to accumulate in today's terms to provide the level of income you are looking for.

Retirement decisions made today will have far reaching consequences for ourselves and our families, taking the time to review your retirement planning using our free annuity calculator could help make the difference between buying your grandchildren a birthday card or a birthday at Disney.

Using the annuity calculator will empower you to understand the consequences of your retirement planning today for your family's future tomorrow.

With our free annuity calculator you'll be able to look at the effects on your family's financial security way into the future and gain some answers to very serious questions.

Should you buy a fixed income pension or opt for indexation and what will that do to my level of income in retirement?

Our free annuity calculator can easily and quickly demonstrate what the impact will be on taking a fixed income level compared to one that rises in line with prices - something to consider when you are no longer working.

How can I provide for my partner in retirement if they live longer than I do and what will that do to how much pension income I will get?

Using the free annuity calculator, you will be able to see how providing for a loved one will affect your current retirement strategy as those saving for retirement often forget to consider that it will be more expensive to provide an income for life for two than just for one.

I want to retire early what effect is that going to have on my retirement income? I want to defer retiring because I enjoy working or for tax deferral reasons - what will that do to my income in retirement?

Depending on investment growth rates and your risk profile a fund may double every five years but though you may have increased your pension fund what would happen if annuity rates fell?

Using the free annuity calculator empowers you to adjust for all the differing variables that life make throw at you now or in the future - using the free annuity calculator is quick, easy and powerful.

In this busy, modern world we live in, take the time to look up and see what life has coming towards you, and the free annuity calculator will help show you. Just click on the red button below to get started.

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