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Average Retirement Savings by age

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Average Retirement Savings By Age: Is It What Really Matters to You?

There seems to be an increasingly popular trend that has individuals who are just getting started with their retirement plan thinking about how they can get to where they should be. The same trend leads those who are approaching their own retirements to look at charts of average retirement savings by age to see whether or not they are in the same position as their peers (or, at the very least, not too far behind).

Having an interest in the average retirement savings by age is one thing; using an average retirement savings by age table to determine what you should be doing to save for your own retirement is another thing altogether. After all, the very name average retirement savings by age implies that there is a range of savings amounts - some of which are going to be much higher and others of which that will be much lower.

Instead of focusing on the average retirement savings by age, why not focus on your own situation? Take a closer look at your income. Think about the goals that you have for your retirement: where do you want to live; how much money will you need to have saved; what do you want to do once you are no longer spending time behind the desk or otherwise punching the time clock. What you want to do with your retirement is a far better predictor of what you need to do to save for and invest in retirement than an average retirement savings by age comparison.

The retirement calculator that you can download on this page can help you to develop a stronger sense of which savings accounts will help you to earn interest that will help you to accumulate the retirement income that you will need to have. Likewise, with the retirement calculator you will be able to look at various investment opportunities that you are aware of. You will be able to see how stocks and mutual funds have performed over time and see projections for how they will continue to perform in the future. That information can guide you towards developing a savings and investment plan that will enable you to reach your goals.

Similarly, talking with a financial advisor can help to ensure that you are moving in the right direction. That's why, when you download the retirement calculator so that you can begin to figure out your savings and investment strategy, your contact information will be forwarded to a financial advisor in your area who will follow up with a phone call to address any questions or concerns that you have. Together, you can look at your goals and determine the best way of achieving them.

By doing so - by focusing on your goals rather than the average retirement savings by age - you can be sure that you are able to save and invest wisely, that you can save for and invest in the future that you want to have. You don't want your retirement to just be average, so why not look for more than just average retirement savings?

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